Is Anybody Listening?

I have begun to wonder if we in America are losing the art of listening to other people. This may seem like an odd topic for someone who is an inveterate story-teller and would like to be heard, but I feel we all need our turn. Several years ago I had complained to a co-worker […]

Maybe only amusing to me

The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree… This one might only be appreciated by someone else who had the misfortune of being the “scapegoat” in a family controlled by a narcissistic parent. This is about my sibling who was the “golden child”. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of Facebook since […]

Time out

I will be taking a break from posting on the blog because I’m going to be someplace remote (no internet, television, cell service) for a couple months so I can focus on writing other things. I should be back on line early in September.

DoNM: We need a get together

Having a narcissistic mother isn’t the only loss I’ve suffered. I lost my only child in 1999. About year after that I found an organized group of parents who had lost only children and was having a conference in Washington, DC. I can’t tell you how healing it was for me to talk to other […]

Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers Web Sites

I’m kind of glad/sad to find other sites with daughters with narcissistic mothers. Glad to get the validation of reading similar experiences and hurts while sad it happened to other people. Here are some of the sites I’ve found that either have good information or are just fun to read. Narcissists Suck is a well […]

Move from blog

In case some of this material looks familiar, I wanted to mention I’ve moved posts from my previous blog at The reason for the new blog is that I wanted one that coincides more with the book I’m writing, so that led to this new Life After Death Diaries blog.